No one man, is bigger than the team

Gregg Poppovich


This has never been as prevelant as it is in team sports. And working at Fleetwood rugby union club, whilst watching the team practice tactical work, I over heard these words being spoken to a young Boy from one of the youth teams. “Hey did you think about what I said” the child nodding and said “I have” in agreeance. The coach followed with “just because you’re the captain doesn’t mean you get to tell the other players how to play rugby, you just have to lead them, set an example; be a leader” These words have stuck in my head for the past week. Working at a rugby club, you often see they are working together as one Team. If players are injured most still come to practice to support their team. It me of the quote above and a book I read a few years ago called Legacy. In this book Ker follows the All blacks leading up to RWC 2011 victory. In there it talks about Richie McCaw, Dan Carter, Israel Dagg and all the athletes we know love and idolise, sweeping the sheds. Quoting “No one looks after the All Blacks, the All Blacks look after themselves”, it also highlights the importance of character and responsibilities, along with the pride of that Black Jersey. When I heard the first team coach speak with the young lad from one of the clubs youth teams it just solidified my respect for him and the sport.

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