Bobbie Butters is a GB athlete. Bobbie was previously the junior British champion in Olympic weightlifting. Bobbie decided to make the transition from Olympic lifting to Powerlifting, due to an injury she had to take time to step back and recover.
She is currently competing as junior champion powerlifter at 63BW on team GB. She has 5 British records and ranked 2nd in the country overall weight classes.

It seems there is nothing that Bobbie can’t achieve and it doesn’t stop there.
Bobbie also has experience working with Wigan warriors and coaching student athletes at UCLAN. Graduated in may with a 1st class honours in BSc Strength and Conditioning. Bobbie is now doing a Masters of research with a focus on lifting biomechanics. She knows the dedication it takes from a technical point of view, hours and effort put in and also the importance of having support from your coach and club.

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